Before we begin on my life-changing journey, you must be thinking who am I to be talking about planning and strategies. Here is a bit more about me

  1. I am 30 (and 15 months old). I have had a chance to create and nurture a handmade business since 2012. Read a bit more about who I am here. Check out my handmade store – handmadeovercoffee.com
  2. I have been practicing journaling, morning routines and small 1% changes everyday for about 5 years and it has made a huge impact on me.
  3. I’ve realized that sharing this experience and this journey with others will help us all stay accountable and achieve big goals.

Slowly I will be rolling out strategies and resources for different walks of life, including finances, health and fitness, and creativity.

Here is an excerpt from my latest blog –

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2018-2023 – My 5 year goals –

  1. Professional/ Financial – By 2023, handmadeovercoffee.com will grow by 10% each year. I also hope to grow in my full time position.
  2. Health and fitness goals – By 2023, I will run a 4 hour marathon (my current Personal record is 5:07 which was back in 2014).
  3. Creative – By 2023 I will start and maintain planningovercoffee.com. New content and products will keep my creative side challenged. Also continue to make one challenging knitting project per year (5 years = 5 projects, 1/5 completed).

In Jan 2022, We started investing in Spaceship. It is a small $100 monthly investment plan. Baby steps. Use my referral code – S8E95QN5JT if you plan to open and invest using a spaceship account. and we both get $10 each. 🙂

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