Setting your North stars

Yes, you read that right, you need three north star’s’.

Direction in life is crucial. Goals help us give our life a direction. It is crucial to set your north star and work relentlessly towards it. 

Long term and short term goals are what is needed to give us a purpose in life. These goals evolve over time and it is definitely key to keep them growing along with you and updating them. They help us carve a path towards the goals, create systems, and develop habits that align with this direction.

For the next 5 years set goals in three key areas of your life

1. Financial / professional

2. Personal health and fitness

3. Creativity

These three facets are essential to make sure you have a well rounded life without one side being too dominant over the other.

For example, if you are constantly making decisions around your work that is helping you meet your financial goals and end up not focussing on your health at all. This makes this lifestyle being not sustainable. Your health is the one thing that is going to last you all your life. and vice versa is not helpful since you do need money to be able to run you life, such as buy food, roof over your head, and amenities.

Although we can have the only two facets of work and health for you to have enough to do, especially if you have a kids, I strongly believe that you do need a creativity outlet in you day is crucial. It really helps us change the monotone in the day and makes life memorable. When we live the same days for years at length, without any creative outlet, research has shown that the days blend together and people tend to forget what they did last week.

First step to all of this is clarity. You don’t need to set a 100 different goals. start with one and work for this week on just creating the 3 goals that you would like to achieve in professional, health, and creative facets of your life.

Next week we will talk about tactical steps towards achieving those goals.


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