Planning is everything

Plans are nothing, Planning is everything

Dwight D. Eisenhower

You now have SMART goals for at least three areas in your life. To learn more about SMART goals, click here.

We have our life’s direction set. Now we plan to achieve these goals. These goals are for 5 years, break them down into yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, and daily goals. This works for most goals. For example, if we have a goal for setting up a business. List all the steps needed to get there. For example, choosing a name, setting up a website, instagram, facebook, create an email list, creating content/products consistently, shipping orders, book-keeping, and so on.

The key to creating a plan is to create a SUSTAINABLE plan. We need to plan so that we don’t burn out and quit altogether. A plan we can stick to and allow for emergencies and other tasks that will definitely pop up during the day. If we try to accomplish these big dreams in a week, we won’t be getting enough sleep, our health will suffer, or out family life will take a hit. Balance is critical. Worry not we will create a plan that will take into account as many variables as possible.

Here are a couple of ideas we can use about a creating plan –

  1. Calendar blocking
  2. Themed days

Calendar blocking is where you can block out every hour in your calendar for a specific tasks. Choose one most important task in each goal category to do for the day. Allot a specific time to it in your day and stick to it. Allow white space in your days for emergencies like traffic, unexpected tasks, and rests. Here is an example of calendar blocking. You can use an actual paper planner or google calendar/apple calendar.

This way you work in chunk of full focus on your key tasks and this will take you closer to your goals one day at a time.

Time blocking

Themed days is when you have every day in the week themed for a specific task. For example, Mondays – finances related, tuesdays – writing/creativity related, and so on. So most of the tasks you do on that would be only regarding that project/goal. There is an awesome blog article about themed days by Little Coffee Fox you can read about in more detail.

I personally use a combination of the two. Having general themes to the week but there are activities like going to the gym and working out that you have to do everyday. So that goes as a time block in my calendar. I use an actual daily planning A5 size to jot down my tasks for the day (there cant be more than three). I also use a google calendar to track my time.

Next post, going from planning to doing.


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