Lack of time is usually lack of priorities.

Tim Ferriss

As we strive to achieving our goals. It is critical to prioritize them over everything else. Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities. If this key step of prioritizing them doesn’t happen , your time will pass you by watching puppies videos, without you knowing what happened.

We want to achieve a lot of things. We need balance. We need rest. We need to save money. We need to eat healthy. We need to maintain a social circle. Some of us have kids who need caring. Let’s face it. TIME – We don’t have enough time. How do we change this when we all know the time is limited?

For some, making drastic changes in their schedule and priorities is the kick in the butt they needed to get going. This could mean waking up at 5am and get the extra time you need to smash out you goals in the morning. For others, it is one little change at a time that is needed to maintain lasting consistency.

Whatever you do, make sure you make time for your top priorities. I classify my priorities as the baby steps listed in my goals. We have made a plan for this and this is top priority. During the day, the first thing in the morning I sit down with my journal and start writing my tasks for the day.

For example, Post a new listing on Etsy, write tags on a blog post, and go to the gym – 10 min warm up, 3 reps of 5 different upper body workouts, followed by cool down. I don’t sit around watching TV until all of the above are done. I know I will get my downtime later when we are having dinner.

Value time above everything else. Setting clear priorities will help you save time where it was not used productively.

What do you do if you have a lot of things that are high priority?? Warren Buffett’s 5/25 rule will help you through it:

  1. Write down your top 25 goals
  2. Circle the top 5 goals
  3. Prioritize your top 5 goals and say no to everything else.

If you are able to choose 5 goals to be your top priority, you definitely can say no to the other 20. Some are clear choices, some are harder. Read more about this rule here.

Switching your mindset from a time-restrictive to a time-abundance is life changing.

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