new year resolutions

3 tips to make better resolutions

Life will change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.

Albert Einstein

When you set your resolution, think of it being a small permanent change you make, to take your life closer to your dream life.

This is a special year. we get 366 days. An entire 24 hours cycle as a gift. It is a beginning of a decade – so if you need to document all the stuff you would like to track for the coming decade please do so now. For example, track your finances, health, books you’ve read, money you have invested, super you have accumulated, etc. Think of how when you look back on the 31st December 2020, and 31st December 2029, what all do you need to have accomplished to be proud of yourself.

In the current season of my life, I am more driven towards creating long term wealth, creating healthy lifestyle. But let’s face it, who doesn’t want this. I think we are all working towards this all our life. To turn this into a SMART goal (details in a previous blog post), I have these general big ideas broken down into 5 year goals and into yearly goals.

  1. I will grow my Handmade over Coffee (which is my handmade store) by 10%.
  2. I will break my personal record in running a full marathon (5 hours and 7 mins) but consistent training and proper nutrition.
  3. I will read 12 personal development books this year.

Three things to notice with these resolutions –

  1. Habit creating – All of my resolutions will be rewarded by consistency and hard work and are not a one time experience.
  2. They add to an existing set of habits. I generally don’t resolve to start something new and big out of the blue. Those don’t tend to stick. Any activity that makes you change too much of your routine needs a LOT of energy to make it stick which is extremely hard for most people because life happens. Stack it on top of your existing habits, by challenging yourself, or adding only one new thing.
  3. Reviewing your goals at the end of each month, quarter, year, will allow you to see if you are making progress. It will make you enjoy the process a bit more and challenge you to do better next time.

Join me on instagram and we can keep each other accountable for our 2020 resolutions.


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