What I will NOT do in 2020

Each morning, we are born again. What we do today is what matters the most.


Just like everyone around me I got excited in December for christmas. and then celebrated new years. Then I got to planning with my beloved A5 daily planner from Target (I just love them, they didn’t sponsor me) .

I realized that there was so much I wanted to accomplish this year and got a little overwhelmed with all my goals (have a look at the goals I set for myself in this blog post) . While i was writing them down I realized, a lot of them were influenced by what ‘people around me’ expected me to do. I realized I had to change the list to what aligned with my dream and my lifestyle.

So here is a list of the I have decided to not do in 2020

  1. Fearing Change – This was a big one for me. Jay is much more comfortable when it comes to change than me. It just takes me a lot more thinking and planning before I can commit to change. I need to work on this year – to NOT fear change and take a bit more risks, learn from them and go to the next.
  2. Sacrificing your happiness for others – When it comes to this, I am the queen of burning out trying to please other people. I dont think it is in my DNA to be rude (god i hope not). This year I am going to work on trying to be reasonable with myself and understand that I cant make everyone happy.
  3. Waiting for the right time – My life’s decisions are a constant battle between saving for retirement and YOLO. We have actually ‘waited for the right time’ for a lot of things (eg, going on our honeymoon (it’s been 5 years since we got married)). So this year, I think we need to reevaluate this idea of waiting for the right time and take a bit more bold decisions for us. This bushfire season in Australia has made me realize and there may actually be no future so might as well live in the moment with happiness and joy.

One of the major overhauls we are doing this year to plan our budget to allow us to take vacations, planned holidays, buy a house and much more. More on that in my next post.

If you have some strong resolutions for this year I would love to see them. Share them with me here or tag me on Instagram.

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