How to make most of your time

A man who dares to waste one hour of his time has not discovered the value of life.

Charles Darwin

It sounds cliché, but time is literally the one thing that is free, can be assigned value, and can be priceless all in the same moment.

If we are working for $10 an hour, that’s what our time is worth. At the same time we are doing things such as staring into our phones and Telly without it generating any income for hours at end. It is $0 an hour. That time is not coming back.

It is a not renewable and once gone you can’t change it.

We all know this. You would think we would use it more thoughtfully and value it a lot more.

How I work with my partner to manage my time:

My time to me is invaluable. I control it like nothing else. I don’t let anyone call dibs on my time. Plan everything as much possible still allowing space for slips and emergencies. I am extremely grateful to have a partner who completely understands this how neurotic I am about this. We have completely different schedules and have everything on google calendar that we share with each other. When we have weekends together we do things that we love to do together (such as hiking, running, shopping). When we have our own days off, I get to work on my things and he gets to work on his. Every week we plan our date night, gym workouts, long runs. We plan who makes dinner which night and plan my lunches.

Everyone has different responsibilities and priorities. But most of the things we spend time on is our CHOICE.

You have to accept that it is your choice and you choose what you spend your time on. Place your goals for the day/week/month/year high in your priority list. Do them first before saying yes to anything else.

You will be surprised how much difference it makes if you managed your time a bit better.

Follow along to see how I use my weekends.

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