Top 3 Productivity boosters

A year from now you will wish you had started TODAY.

Karen Lamb

The feeling when you’ve had an amazingly productive day is unbeatable. Every day I am grateful to be able to everything I can. I promise myself to go to bed tired and satisfied that I give it my all.

Let’s face it! it is not possible for us to be fully motivated every single minute of every waking hour. How do we push through the seemingly endless to do list?

Here are my top three strategies –

  1. Eliminate/delegate – There have always been instances where we’ve take on more than we can chew. Review what is really crucial towards your goals and prioritize them. Filter out the things you can completely eliminate. Then take out things you can delegate to someone. It may be something as simple as like cleaning the house or doing the groceries.
  2. Batching – Doing similar types of things together. For example in my handmade business, I prep one day, sew one day, do the social media set up one day. Batching is a huge time saver. And its saves a lot of ‘brain space’ too.
  3. Pomodoro the rest – When it’s time to get down and do the work, just set a timer and get to it. Remove distractions. I usually set a 45 min timer with 15 min break. It has been awesome for productivity. Knowing I have a break coming up, makes me focus for a little longer.

What do you do to boost your productivity? I would love to know.

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