productivity tip - 2 minute rule

Productivity tip – 2 minute rule

If it can be done in less than 2 minutes, do it now.

Getting things done, by David Allen

If there is anything that really make a huge difference in your productivity is procrastination. It is the little things that add up.

Here are a few examples of classic procrastination. Not putting your shoes/bag/coat away when you come back from work. It only takes a few minutes. Doing that will clear up clutter in house. Another one is not packing lunch. It doesn’t take long to do it. If you don’t, the decision fatigue that follows, because you now have to figure out what to eat for lunch, is just not worth it. Protect your mindspace with all your power. This includes the number of decisions you need to make in a day. (you can read more about decision making here)

These things take almost no time to actually do them. Doing them will clear out mental space for real, important, time-consuming projects. You can actually accomplish quite a lot using this 2-minute rule.

What to do about things that take more than 2-minutes, you ask? You schedule it. Estimate how much time you need to complete it and schedule the task into your calendar. Plan it out and finish it.

Also if you are like me, where a cluttered desk or sink filled with dishes bother you and distract you from actual work. It may be worthwhile setting a timer for 2-minutes and getting this out of the way and organized before you start working.

Have you ever used the 2-minute rule before? Share your stories with me.

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