25000 mornings

We get 25000 mornings as an adult

You’ll wake up for about 25,000 mornings in your adult life, give or take a few.

James Clear

As I was progressing through my weekend reading, this article blew my mind. All our adult life, we have essentially only 25,000 mornings. If you are about 30 years of age now, you are now at 20,000 mornings to 86 years old (which is our average life expectancy).

This article has amazing tactics and strategies you can put into effect so you have a morning ritual that prepares you for a great productive day ahead. You really don’t want to be towards the end of your life and have regrets of not getting most out of it.

The thing that is stuck in my head about mornings is that – ‘I am really not much of a morning person.’ Although, the days i have had to get up early, I know that I feel better, accomplish more, and get better sleep.

For not so much of a morning person, here is my morning routine –

  1. Pre morning prep – Being a not-so-morning person, I learnt when I was little that everything needs to be ready the day before. Every night, I pack lunch and keep it in the fridge, ready to go. I get everything organized for the next day. On sunday nights, Jay and I go through the week and roughly plan our week out. This includes gym days, pick ups and drop offs, dinners, grocery shopping (We try to do these on weekdays so we are only doing things we like on the weekends).
  2. Reading – Every night I read for about 30-45 mins. To develop this habit, I started with reading fiction. To be fair, I have always been a voracious reader. I just love the time I spend reading. But to be able to read before falling asleep and not scroll through my phone had become a little challenging. So I started reading fiction and slowly transitioned into personal development and entrepreneurship.
  3. Morning routine – I need to wake up at least 45 mins to an hour before I need to leave the house. I wake up, have my favorite cup of coffee. With the warm cuppa in my hand, I journal for a good 15 mins. I will eventually have a detailed blog post about my journaling methods. But suffice to say, I write down my daily, monthly, annual, and 5-yearly goals. I don’t eat breakfast (never ate breakfast, can now call it intermittent fasting ;)). Shower and go to work.
  4. Things I need to work on – keeping a distance from my phone in the morning time. I tend to scroll through social media mindlessly. The other thing I need to work on is waking up an hour earlier and going to the gym to get a workout in before work. This is a work in progress and we will get there eventually.
  5. Life changing advice – Morning hours are glorious, full of energy and full of potential. Don’t use your morning hours in figuring out, what to eat for breakfast, what to wear, what to eat for lunch. Get this sorted out the day before. Use your mornings to tackle you biggest goals. Try to work through your biggest hurdles, maximize your energy availability. Also get a good night’s sleep.

The number 25000 mornings has definitely changed something in me. I don’t want to regret that I didn’t get the most out of my life. The reality that, our time on this earth is finite, has set in. Has the number 25000 mornings made a difference to you? Share your thoughts with me.

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