secret to success, self discipline

If there is a secret formula for success, it is self discipline.

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

Albert Einstein

We read a lot of books about successful people, watch a lot of Ted Talks and interviews, to find the one secret that is probably a common thread among these guys contributing to their success. Maybe it’s the phone they use, or the app the use to schedule their life, their mentors, they have rich parents, or maybe they got lucky.

Most times, It is a basic life habit of self discipline. Arguably, the one thing will lead to a change in our life and set us up onto the path of success. The one pillar habit that ripples through all decisions and goals, that is ‘self discipline’.

  1. Discipline to get started
  2. Discipline to keep going when its hard
  3. Discipline to accept failure
  4. Discipline of setting goals
  5. Discipline to stand by your vision
  6. Discipline to eat better
  7. Discipline to exercise more
  8. Discipline to learn more
  9. Discipline to make an impact
  10. Discipline to achieve successful well lived life

It is not the answer we want to hear but it is THE ANSWER. Ask a marathon runner about discipline. The first km is just as hard as the last one. But the discipline of physical training, healthy eating, and mental strength is what pulls you through from 30 KM onwards.

I have come to realize that a ‘well-lived’ life is not much different from training for a marathon. Developing discipline towards thing that we know will drive the process seems like the best way to go. Basically define what your definition of ‘successful well-lived life’ is, and do the things that take you there. Its not easy but wouldn’t you rather try? I like my chances.

There is no one size fits all solution. Everyone’s different in their personalities, temperaments, habits. But is there something that you know if you change and kept through, will lead an exponential growth in your life? Share them with me.

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