How to navigate through different seasons of life?

How to navigate through different seasons of life?

Commit to your goal with everything you have – for a season.

Nathan Barry

Human nature craves routines, consistency, and certainty. But this is not promised and, in fact, change is very much guaranteed. But life evolves and adapts slowly. As we age and grow, big changes can be intimidating. It is the small changes that are much easier to deal with, adapt to, experiment with, and these create the greatest impact in the long run.

We have seasons of quiet and seasons of busyness. Embrace them for what they are. Here are some steps that will help you accept the current season.

  1. Get a better perspective – Changing perspectives and rediscovering the vision of your life is the best way to re-centre and re-align yourself to your goals.
  2. Stop the comparison game – It is unfair to yourself when you compare your step 1 to someone else’s step 10. Focus on what you need to do, learn from others, create and plan, put blinders on, and get to work.
  3. Different things need your attention – The main change between seasons is where you attention is needed most. Figure out what that is and don’t beat yourself up on not being able to do everything all the time.
  4. Enjoy and value the season of rest – if you get a season of rest, use it to rejuvenate your mind. Take the time to detach, read and learn and this will let you be completely present in the times of pressure.
  5. Build keystone habits – Your daily habits, and routines play a critical role in navigating through seasons, especially challenging ones. Hold onto these with your life, and nurture them even more when it is challenging. These include, healthy eating, regular exercising, journaling, meditation, reading etc.

This applies not only to your professional life or business but also to your personal one. We generally tend to be in the similar seasons as people surrounding us. Be sure you surround yourself with the right people. It is the one thing directly impacts, your physical, mental, and financial growth.

We are in the season when we are both working full time, I have a side hustle, health and running has our attention, looking to buy a house, and we are thinking about our future as a family. It is much easier for us to plan things right now with just the two of us. It is a bit scary to think about going into the next season. But I am sure we will plan our way through that as well. What season are you in right now?

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