productivity tip - batching

Productivity tip – Batching

We’ve had a very productive month. It’s time for another one of the monthly productivity tips!!

I am constantly trying to find time in the day to do more things, and trying to get through the endless to do list. Here is a great productivity tip that will shave off valuable time from by reducing ramping up time for each task.

Batching is essentially just grouping similar tasks together. It could be something as simple as dealing emails all at once at a set time. Or getting all outdoor shopping for supplies stuff done together. You can use your calendar to block out time. It allows for a longer uninterrupted times with fewer distractions. We all know how useful fewer distractions are (or you can read all about it in my previous blog post).

Batching is perfect for –

  1. Meetings – Batch meetings together. For example, have a day in the week which is set aside for meetings.
  2. Tasks that are not creativity intense – Like editing, emails, things with known protocols.
  3. A repetitive task on a routine basis – for instance, putting in all your expenses, accounts.

I confess, that I am not great at managing my schedule at work. But I do batch a lot of things at home and you probably do too. We have laundry days, grocery shopping days, batch cooking days, hours set aside for my handmade business. These times are planned in detail and there are lists, weekly menus. It saves us heaps of time trying to figure out what to make for the dinner each night.

Do you use batching routinely in your life? Let me know if it has worked for you.

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