Marathon training and my healthy diet

Marathon Training and my Healthy Diet

I am starting a healthy life series in which I am jotting down my routine training for a full marathon and my diet. I will be posting monthly updates. We are planning to run a marathon in April 2021. We are about 6 months out at this stage. This Covid season has affected many people differently. Among other things, it definitely affected our ability to exercise and follow a healthy diet.

Here is what my current diet looks like. This may be completely different for you. It will be so cool to be able to look back and read this someday.

My Veggie diet – I am a vegetarian. I actually have not had a lot of meat in my life. I have tried meats in the past but never enjoyed it. Being a vegetarian is a choice for me now. There are plenty of options especially when you are an indian vegetarian. My day starts with a cup of coffee with skim milk. I don’t eat breakfast. Lunch is usually a pre-packed meal, rice and lentils, or a sandwich. I usually have coffee after lunch as an afternoon pick-me-up. Dinner includes a meal with rice, or wholemeal breads, with loads of veggies. We eat out about once a week as a part of our dinner dates. Stay away from empty calories. My lifestyle doesn’t include added sugar at all. That is a decision I made when I was very young and I don’t drink fizzy drink, take any sugar in my coffee. I am not a fan of desserts. It comes easy to me to say no to cakes.

The problem – You would think I have an ideal diet and a planned exercise regime, that is all we need. I actually like veggies a lot and tend to put on weight due to inefficient portions. I know right, who knew you could put on weight eating cauliflower. Well, you can. I am now trying to be mindful about that by taking a moment to think if I am full and stopping. I am also planning on pulling the reins a little bit on the fried stuff, aka potato chips. Generally speaking, I eat quite healthy. I need to work on portion control, and maybe stay away from chips.

My Marathon training plan – Jay and I run at least one marathon every calendar year. Next year will be Jay’s 10th and my 8th Marathon. We have always followed a 16 week plan for marathon training and we try to run 10K and half marathon races in between as training races to keep us up to speed with the marathon training. This year my goal is to break my previous running times.

In a dedicated blog post, I will elaborate more on the exact training plan I am following, and am hoping to post monthly updates on how it is going.

Let me know if you are a marathon runner, and if you are on a plant based diet.

Disclaimer – I am not a Health professional. I am sharing my lifestyle and it may not work for you the same way. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.

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