Healthy lifestyle for productivity

Productivity Tip – Healthy lifestyle

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi

Productivity is greatly affected by your mental and physical health. I am focussing on physical well being here but mental health is just as important.

A healthy lifestyle can exponentially increase your productivity. Although this is not as simple as the pomodoro technique, it is long term change that gradually changes your energy levels, confidence, emotional well-being, heaps of other things.

Here are some changes you can make today to make your life healthier.

  1. NEAT – NEAT stands for Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, which is just a fancy word for physical activities that you perform without actually going to the gym, such as walking to work, yard work, grocery shopping (physically walking down the aisles). As more and more technology has been brought into our lives, we have replaced NEAT with machines, like washing machine, dishwasher, cars, online shopping, or ready to eat meals. My work has me sitting for 8 hours at a stretch. Walking to the bus stop, standing desks, going for short walks at lunch breaks, are some key changes you can make to increase your non exercise activities.
  2. Sleep – A good 8 hours sleep is absolutely critical for our health. This is a non negotiable you should set for yourself.
  3. Plant based diet – If you have seen the Movie ‘The Game-Changers’, you will know that a plant based diet has been shown to improve strength. The diet is more nutrient dense and greatly reduces the risk of heart disease.
  4. Exercise – Make exercise a part of your day. If you need to let something go to make time for exercise, exercise would be priority.
  5. Look after your body – Your body is the only thing that is there for your lifetime. Look after it. Take care of yourself by eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, resting. There is nothing more valuable than health.

Jay recently told me that health is the new status symbol. It was a total light bulb moment for me. No amount of wealth can replace a good healthy hard working body. It does amazing things each day and can achieve unimaginable things.

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