Top 5 excuses that come between you and progress

Top 5 excuses that come between you and progress

There is nothing between you and your goals. Whatever you think there is, is the definition of excuses. Here are top 5 excuses people make that stops them from reaching their goals.

  1. Its almost the end of the year, I will try next year – As we reach towards the tail end of the year, stop making it an excuse from reaching your goals. Year ends are arbitrary set ups for the calendar. Take this time to be productive. Make a plan, spend time thinking about how you can get closer to your goals. Don’t get complacent.
  2. I am old, broke, or living in a part of a country with not many opportunities – You may have 30 years of experience doing something else. Everyone can make changes and switch their life directions. Get out of your comfort zone. No one has everything aligned and working for them all the time. Figure out a way to get out of this mindset and get to work.
  3. Family and friends don’t support me – Choose very carefully who you spend your time with. No one should get in the way of you a progress. Find people who support you, encourage you, make you a better person and people you can learn from. We definitely are the average of the 5 people we spend most time with. Better choose those 5 people very carefully.
  4. I am not ready/ I don’t want to fail – I don’t think anyone is 100% ready. People wait years to be 100% ready and get started when you could have already had the momentum going for you by now. Start now and get ready on the way.
  5. THE BIGGEST ONE – I don’t have the time – We are all busy. It is just a matter of priorities. We will always find time to do things if we want it enough. Get disciplined and make your goals a priority over things like watching TV, and scrolling on your phone.

A great example of where excuses come to play is exercising more, eating healthy, or losing weight. It is a lifestyle change that most of us are after. If I told you to go outside for a 30 mins run, most of us would blame the weather for not being perfect, they would let me know about the back pain they have been having for months, or that no one in their families have ever been the exercising kind so surely it is genetic. Some would be like my kids don’t leave me with much time. People have accomplished much bigger things with everything working against them.

Identify when these thoughts come into your mind as an excuse. Think to yourself if it is valid, if it is think about ways to get around it. This will make a huge change in your mindset.

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