Three ways to finish the year strong

3 ways to finish the year strong

You don’t need more time in your day. You need to decide.

Seth Godin

As we move into the part of the year with Christmas carols on repeat, apart from our normal work we need to add baking cookies, buying Christmas presents, and making room for at least 5 Christmas parties in our schedule. It is a solid 45 days to the end of the year still. There is a lot of time to to get things done. You can end the year on a high note and accomplish great things.

Here are three ways you can wrap up this year and feel proud of your accomplishments.

  1. Block your calendar – Set aside time for christmas planning, gift shopping, attending christmas parties. Block out time for work. During this time you are completely present and getting stuff done.
  2. Stay productive – Try to minimize distractions and focus more on getting things done. Use all of my previous productivity tips and get onto it.
  3. Plan it out and enjoy the holidays – Making a list always helps. Shopping, baking, cleaning, and planning for the holidays can be overwhelming. Make a list and get things done one by one. Afterall, you have a lot to celebrate this year.

2020 is definitely going down in the history books. We have faces a LOT to put it mildly. If you are able to read this blog, i encourage you to feel gratitude for all you have.

Is there something you would like to get done in 2020? Share them with me.

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