Why you need to try a minimal lifestyle

Why you need a minimal lifestyle?

I have moved twice across continents. Both those moves had stark differences in my mindset. The first one was my move from India to the US. This was over ten years ago. I was only a student with a small stipend. But it was a move into abundance, easy access to everything, and online shopping. I was totally smitten by the shiny object syndrome and got the first Ipad and the first iphone as soon as it was released. Bought myself a pair of Ralph Lauren sunnies, and latest Nike shoes. I convinced myself that I was getting the best deal out there at the local outlet centre.

The second move was in 2016 from US to Australia. This move was different. I had to leave behind our entire life and could only take with me things that were irreplaceable. The months leading up to this move, I got rid of everything I could replace, which was everything. I realized, I could live a completely normal and fulfilling life without any of those things. It was freeing. I packed up two suitcases which were 50 lbs each and set off to Australia. This time I didn’t buy a single thing when I landed. Everything that came into the house was carefully audited to see if we really needed it.

I am not a minimalist yet, but I aspire to be one. It is life-changing mindset to let go of the ‘stuff’.

Minimalism shows up in simple things –

  1. Simple living high thinking – This thought by Gandhi really sums up the minimalism mindset. The simpler our lifestyle, the more engaged our mind is. Cluttering up with other things that take up mental space and energy, leads to burnout and exhaustion.
  2. Minimalism varies quite a bit between people but do you need 5 different kitchen gadgets to warm your food – Do we need a stove, oven, microwave, airfryer, panini press, deep fryer, coffee maker (espresso machine, french press, and italian espresso maker), water kettle, crock pot, instant pot, all in the same house. Just something to think about, do you need multiple things to solve the same problem.
  3. Freedom – This type of freedom is special. Everything that we own now has a purpose. It gives us the freedom to travel, and to do things we love. Every weekend we go through things we haven’t used for a year and it is donated or thrown away. We know exactly what needs replacing, and it allows us to plan our finances better.

My dream home and life is one of purpose, clarity, and value. It takes consistent work to keep it that way. Do you follow minimalism strategies in your life? Share your stories with me.

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