Three things I did to deal with overwhelm

3 things I did to deal with overwhelm

We have officially moved into our new house, and after a short break, back into my normal routine for blogging. I have to say I tried to be as ready as possible for the move and get my blogs good to go for every sunday morning but as things happen, they ended up taking a bit longer. I set aside about a week to settle in. We are now two weeks in and still have quite a few things to do.

The first few days I did feel quite overwhelmed. Everything was happening so quickly, there was so much to do and didn’t know where to get started. I had some handmade orders to make, eleventy boxes to unpack, appliances to be delivered and fitted. Both Jay and I couldn’t go to sleep at night trying to figure out everything that needed to be done. This was after months of planning this move. So we did what we do best, made a list, and took baby steps.

Sometimes everything in life happens at once. Many different avenues you had been working on for months even years open up at once. This can lead to overwhelm. It looks completely different for everyone, but I think we all feel it every once in a while.

  1. Switch your mindset – Know that you are prepared for this. Everything you have done and built until now has prepared you for this. This is the moment where the foundational habits come into play. Start with the small quick tasks and the feeling of accomplishment that follows will motivate you to keep going.
  2. One thing at a time – Just be in the moment and think only about the first thing at hand. Don’t think about everything all at once. I know this is easier said than done. Know that everything gets done slowly, and one thing at a time. You can do anything, but not everything.
  3. Take some time for yourself – If everything gets too overwhelming maybe it’s time to take some ‘me’ time. If you have the time then getaway for a weekend, spend it in nature, or just go for a walk, or to the gym. Sometimes getting away for a little bit can really free up some mental space to focus back on the thing at hand.

We all have a never ending to do list. It is important that we cull things that’s not needed and get to the highest priority ones first. Jay and I are so happy and excited for this new phase of our lives. All our habits are changing as a result. Change is never comfortable. It’s time to build new foundational habits for personal growth. But once the habits form, mental space is freed up for the big picture stuff. This is what makes personal growth soar.

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