Your life is a result of your choices

Your life is a result of your choices

Your life is a result of the choices you have made. If you don’t like your life, start making better choices.

Zig Ziglar

If you are an adult, your life is simply the result of your choices. You will get the same results if you continue to make the same choices. If you would like to make a change then think about what choice you are making that is leading to that result. Change the choice and the results will change as well.

We choose the food we eat. As a result, we choose a healthy or an unhealthy life. We choose our life with our partner. We choose to sleep in. We choose to wake up early.

Example – “I don’t have enough money to do what I want.” Either you are earning strength is a choice you have agreed to and need to change it there, or you are spending on things and that needs to be addressed.

Here are three ways to make better choices for your life to be able to make the positive impact.

  1. Do more of what is important and valuable to you. I have a background in research and after completing my Ph.D. ( >11 years of training) I decide to make a transition into a completely different health field. I realized that what I always wanted to do. One year in it meant more to me than all those years spent in research. There is so much I did learn from my years in research but I made the choice to switch fields and quite truly it changed my life.
  2. Consider something different than your usual. I am all about habits and routines but sometimes for some things if you need to see a change you need to try something different. Try modifying your habits to fit better to the lifestyle you are after.
  3. Own your choices. This is your life and you are solely responsible for it. You are responsible for your happiness, your mindset, and your circumstances. As long as it is ethically justified, own your choices. Don’t do this to please someone, to keep up with the society, or out of obligation. Own your choices, your decisions.

Your life is a reflection of your choices and decisions. It is important to make them carefully so you can move towards the life and lifestyle you have always wanted.

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