Mid year check-in

Productivity tip – Mid year check-in

What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

Zig Ziglar

We are in June 2021 folks!! This is a great time to see how you are tracking with your 2021 goals. Goals are so much more effective when you check in regularly. We get wound up in the monotony of life sometimes and check-ins really help us getting a better perspective as to what’s working and what isn’t. Six months is a considerable amount of time to see progress and sometimes big differences. Here are three things you should be looking at in your mid-year check-in.

  1. Reflect on the last six months – This should give you clarity about how you have spent the last few months. What has been hogging most of your attention and what needs your attention more? Does that align with your goals that you had initially set for 2021. Do your goals need to be revisited and readjusted?
  2. Map your growth – Even if you were not able to focus on all your goals yet, see and write out how you have grown and changed in the last 6 months. If you write in a journal everyday, it is great to review the early entries and see the changes in you.
  3. Set your next 6 months for success – Now is the time to realign your goals. Make sure you are accountable. Create and tweak plans to set up the next 6 months to achieve the goals you set out in 2021.

Six months is a beautiful amount of time that is just not too long and not too short. It can be all the difference in your life that you are looking to make. Commit to your goals and work towards them every single day and be surprised when you reach 2022 in a completely state of mind.

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