10 habits to keep your life organized

10 habits to keep your life organized

I am all about habits and routines. For the everyday things that are non negotiable, make them quick, smooth, and easy. Anyone can be organized. Set up your systems and get started. Here are 10 habits that you should cultivate to keep your life organized.

  1. Have set daily routines – Having a set routine in the morning and before bed really helps you be prepared for the day. This could be as simple as journaling with your coffee, making your bed in the morning, or doing the dishes at night before going to bed.
  2. List it out – Make a list of everything that needs to get done. Everything.
  3. Prune the list – E – Eliminate, D – Delegate, A – Automate, and O – Outsource. As many of the items on the list that don’t need you to get done, use the EDAO method and remove them from your list.
  4. Prioritize – Prioritize your list with urgent and important things on the top. I have quite a few blog posts about prioritization.
  5. Don’t procrastinate – Now what’s left on your list needs you to be actioned. Firstly if this is going to take less than 2 mins, do it now. For the rest, plan for it, schedule it, and do it.
  6. Be proactive – In life, rarely would the day go as planned. Emergencies pop up all the time. Be proactive and be prepared for things that may go wrong. and plan for them . It could be in the form of emergency savings, or just getting your laundry done in time for the week.
  7. Declutter – Reduce the number of things in your house. Have a place for everything. take stock of what you don’t need and sell/donate them.
  8. Keep it simple – Keep things simple around you. It could be in the form of not multitasking, keeping easy and simple finances. Bite what you can chew.
  9. Make best use if your time – Batch like things together. Time management in any way is the way to go.
  10. Consistency over perfection – Consistency is so critical in building good habits. The more we follow them the better. If you go on vacations and everything is disrupted, give yourself grace and try to jump back into your set systems.

Are there any life organizations strategies that you have? Please share them with me.

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