10 ideas to use your weekends to the fullest - Lockdown edition

10 ideas to use your weekends to the fullest – Lockdown edition

With a full time job, a furbaby, and a partner, life can get quite hectic and mundane at the same time. We crave change but fear the discomfort it comes with. Weekends are more than 48 hours of bliss. We usually spend our weekends with short hikes, extended gym sessions, longs walks, grocery shopping, a movie on saturday night. This was our normal. But currently we are in lockdown for the first time in over 18 months.

Being a healthcare worker, my work schedule is unchanged. I still need to go to work. Apart from essential work, we are restricted to one hour outdoors for exercise. Our weekends are still usual but with most of the time at home and minimal outdoor trips. With a lot of our time spent watching TV, it is hard not to feel like a sloth. I have to make a conscious effort to keep busy to feel productive.

Here are 10 things I am doing on the weekends during lockdown –

  1. Try out new recipes with the things I already have – Takeaways and same old dinners can make you feel like you are in a rut. Try out something new with the things you already have in your pantry.
  2. Reading goals – Now is the times to chase your reading goals. You have the gift of time, choose books that elevate you and ones that you always wanted to read. Normally I would be reading non fiction, self improvement. But I am taking a break and re reading Harry potter and some other murder mystery fiction.
  3. Go for walks – Nature walks are underrated. Thanks to my furchild, I will never miss a sunrise and sunset walk with him. It makes me feel refreshed, energized, and sometime away from technology. I dont think I need to sell this more.
  4. Learn a skill – I love knitting and always have a knitting project going on. But i am learning a new style of knitting during lockdown. You can try puzzles, learning a new language, board games.
  5. Home reno projects – We moved into our house about 6 months ago. We still do small projects every weekend, like landscaping, decorating. You could tackle some big home reno projects especially if you work from home or during the weekends.
  6. Start blogging – It is absolutely invigorating to be able to pen down your thoughts. You don’t need to share them with the world if you dont want to. I would highly recommend it.
  7. Build your social media – People have been doing amazing things on tiktok, instagram reels.
  8. Declutter – nothing excites me more than a nice session of decluttering on the weekend. So liberating, calming, and at the end of it you get a nice clean house. Win-win.
  9. Gardening – It is winter here in Australia right now. But with spring coming right up you can do a little bit of garding and get your backyard ready for spring.
  10. Take your time – take this time to rest, to rejuvenate. Sometimes even when we are on vacation, we have agendas, and are walking and tiring ourselves out. This is a forced time out. Make most of it, meditate, take a hot bath, take rest. When it all opens back up, we will all go back to our normal busy hustle bustle lives before we know it. Enjoy this time, and fingers crossed, it may not happen again in our lifetime.

Is there any special project you are working on during this lockdown? Aussies we’ve got this. Make most of this time while we’ve got it. Give your family and friends a call and catch up with them.

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