5 steps to declutter and spring clean your home

5 steps to declutter and spring clean your home

As we inch closer to spring in Australia, its time to give your house a nice thorough clean. Set yourself up for a spick and span summer. With most of us in lockdown at the moment, I am using my weekends to clean and organize our house.

  1. Get rid of things you don’t need – This is my absolute favorite bit and Jay hates it the most. Declutter as much as you can. Donate/sell what you don’t need. Go through your fridge and pantry and throw out all expired products and things you know you are never going to use. Get rid of duplicates – you don’t need two staplers and three colanders.
  2. Everything should have a home – There should be a home for that belts and bags. This spot cannot be the kitchen counter. There is special happiness and pride reserved to be experienced when all the counters are clear and cabinets are organized.
  3. Get your cleaning supplies in order – We have a glass cleaner, multipurpose cleaner, Microfiber duster, floor cleaner/disinfectant, a mop, and a vacuum cleaner. This is pretty much all we use.
  4. Consistency is key – Develop a habit of regularly cleaning and decluttering. It is a never ending cycle. Sometimes doing them just as they come is better than waiting for the weekend to clean. For example, cleaning a little every night. The kitchen counters, switching on the dishwasher every night really helps save time.
  5. Let it bring you joy – Make it a fun family activity. We usually put on music in the house, and we tackle different parts of the house. We reward ourselves with a nice brunch at the end. And lets face it, a clean home is going to make you feel so mentally rejuvenated.

I love cleaning and all things related to it but life gets in the way and sometimes we cant find time to keep on top of everything. When I get overwhelmed with if I should be doing laundry or clean the bathrooms, or vacuum, I take a deep breath, make a list and start ticking them off. One thing at a time.

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