5 ways to optimize productivity in lockdown

Productivity tip – 5 ways to optimize productivity in lockdown

While working from home has its pros of no commute and working in comfortable Jammies. Lockdowns can certainly take its toll on our physical and mental health and especially with reduced social contact and physical activity. While many countries have been in lockdown for a long time, we have been lucky in Australia, particularly where I live in Canberra, to have a lockdown for about 4 weeks at the moment.

Here are some things that have helped me during lockdowns with being healthy and productive.

  1. Follow a routine – We still follow the same routine that we did before. We wake up at the same time, walk the dog, get dressed and start work. short walk in the evening again, dinner, nightly routine. I think lockdown becomes even harder when boredom starts creeping in. Following a routine has truly helped us through the week in keeping a positive attitude, as we have something to look forward to.
  2. Sit near a window – Jay has been working from home in last month and has moved his desk a few times and finally landing on facing window. Your eyes do get tired of staring at the computer all day and looking outside at nature eases stress. If you don’t have a window, indoor plants or anything that make you feel like nature helps.
  3. Take a break and learn something new – Thanks to Jack, we get to walk outside rain or shine. It lets us continue to take breaks that we would have normally. Learn something new, eg. a new language on duolingo, painting, cooking, reading, knitting.
  4. Physical activity – Nothing like a good brisk walk outside in the fresh air to clear out you mind. As hard as it is getting out it will be totally worth the effort. A good run or a great home work out is all you need to get the endorphins going.
  5. Eat healthy foods – I am not gonna lie, we bought about 4 packs of chips on our weekly grocery shopping trip. It was quite easy to slide into a quick, unhealthy meal rut. But we consciously started eating more veggies and healthier foods. We haven’t gotten take outs since shortly after lock down started. It made a huge difference on our mood and productivity.

There are so many pros and cons of lockdown. In 2020, we hoped that this would be temporary and a two week thing. and about 18 month later we are back there. Its time to capitalize on the gift of time that we have by spending them with family, start checking off things you always wanted to do.

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