how to stay motivated - measure your progress

How to stay motivated – measure your progress

If you are reading this blog, I know you are doing your best everyday. Every single day we show up and give it our all. However, there are days when I am seriously low on motivation. I dont feel like writing that blog post/email, or I dont feel like making that call. I am sure all uber successful people would have such days as well. It is hard to keep motivation going sometimes.

Staying motivated all the time is extremely difficult. It helps when you are getting constant positive feedback to keep going, such as accolades, promotions, sales, wins. But without these how do you stay motivated and keep going. The best way is to measure your progress, however small it is.

See you far you have come – Whenever I doubt myself, seeing how far you’ve come really helps. I open up my journal, see my previous entries from the year and see the numbers changing. I have made progress and celebrating them changes everything. Makes me feel like the goals are close and are achievable. At times like these monthly review really helps.

Review the plan – if you feel discouraged, unmotivated, look back on your progress so far. Is it in the direction you were hoping for? If not maybe review your plan going forward. Tweak and adjust it to fit your vision. Create rewarding minimilestones, they really help keep you going.

One year ago, we were living in a small 1 bedroom apartment, trying to save every little bit of money towards our house deposit. Our dream life seemed like a distant, well, dream. We were slowly working towards the goal for five years. and it still seemed distant. One year later today, our lives are completely different. We have a happy house, and a furchild, we have both had promotions at work. Parts of our dreams are manifesting. So many more parts to go. Slowly but surely we’ll work our way towards them. Feeling disheartened is a part of life, seeing progress is very helpful in changing the mindset and getting back to the plan.


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