Productivity tip - An ever changing morning routine

Productivity tip – An ever changing morning routine

Every success book that we read reiterates the need for a ‘results producing morning routine’. The routine that sets you up for success. The routine that has been used by the most successful people all over the world. By definition, it is a repetitive sequence of habits.

Have you tried to create a morning routine for yourself? To set your day up for maximum productivity. I have realized that my ‘routine’ keeps changing. It can be quite different depending on the day. Some of it stays the same but some keeps changing.

What stays the same –

  1. Time to bed – We go to bed at the same time every night. It is about 9pm. I know its super early for some people. It remains the same throughout the week. No change on the weekends. EVEN IF WE ARE ON VACATION. I read a little bit before falling asleep. and probably fall asleep by 9.05 lol.
  2. Wake up time – Since we’ve got Jack in our lives, we wake up at 5.30 am. Every morning. No alarms needed. He will literally wait until its 5.30 and if we are not up by then, he will let us know he’s waiting for us by knocking on the baby gate. Including weekends.
  3. Basic self care – Every morning, basic self care needs remains the same, including brushing, flossing, tea/coffee, shower, and getting ready for work. Anything else I need to do for myself that non negotiable.
  4. Morning and evening walks – We have paused our gym memberships at the moment (they were closed anyway with lockdowns). We walk Jack about 45 mins to an hour every morning and evening. This is the favorite time of my day. The fresh air, moments of calm, feelings of gratitude, really sets me up for the hustle-bustle that the day has coming.

What changes all the time –

  1. The order in which we do them. Depending on what time I start work, I may need to leave early.
  2. Add ons like breakfasts, journaling, orders to fill for Etsy. If I have time in the morning, I start setting up to make some orders for etsy in the morning, or I will drive by post office to drop them off. I am also trying to be more consistent with journaling like I used to be.
  3. The things to do in the day – including if we need to go to the shops, getting dinner ready.

There is a concept called Decision Fatigue. Read more about this in my previous blog post. In short, our brain actually gets tired of making decisions all the time. So save it for when you need to make important meaningful decisions and everything else already decided and ready to go, such as what clothes you are going to wear today? or are you going to the gym? or what’s for dinner?

I do think that having a set morning routine really reduces the number of decisions you make in the morning and clears up your brain for more important things that need your focus and attention. What does your morning routine look like? Is there something that you do differently?

PS – I was never a morning person. I would sleep until noon if I could. But in the last few years, with a solid nighttime and morning routine set up its become easier and natural for me to wake up earlier and earlier in the morning.


  1. I needed this. My routine went to pieces during the first lockdown. It was nice for a week or two. Being furlowed meant getting a salary without having to work. By the third week my sleep pattern went crazy. I was going to bed at 3.00am and waking up at 7.00 am. I’ve settled down now, its still shaky. I will get there.
    Thanks for sharing.

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