Time – Your most valuable asset

The most valuable resource in our life is time. It is not renewable. Once gone, its gone forever. Money is quite valuable but not quite as much as time. You can use money though to make more time.

There is a slight mindset switch that happens when we think about time as an asset. We all need money to live our life. Be it our house, groceries, clothes, or other necessities. But we only get 24 hours in the day and highest priority should be living your life to the fullest in that day. Make the money, but don’t forget to live as well. Do things, watch shows, be with people that make you happy and bring value to your life. The secret is to “Say no to everything else”.

Here are 5 things, I do to make most of our time –

  1. Prioritize your goals – Always prioritize your goals over others agendas. This is one of the most important things you can ever do for your life. Live a life that you want to and not one that your family, friends, or society expects you to have. Prioritize things you wish to accomplish and say no to other things as much as you can.
  2. Adventure-filled weekends – We use our weekends as mini holidays. Our rule is if you are not working on the weekend, you should be on a vacation. Travel, go on a hike, train for a run, explore some new cuisine, go on a picnic date. Have something to look forward to add a new experience to your life.
  3. Weekday chores – We try to do our chores during the week so our weekends are freed up for other things. Including weekday nights for cleaning.
  4. Reduce screen time – Screen time us the biggest time sink of the day. Be conscious of how much time you are spending on TV, tablet, instagram. If that is not working may be try to set a timer.
  5. Eliminate/delegate/automate – Things you dont enjoy doing or are taking up a lot of your time, see if you can eliminate them. If not then try to get help by either delegating or automating them. For example, if cleaning is taking up a lot of time, consider hiring a weekly or fortnightly cleaner. There is definitely value in hiring help if you are able to free up your time to build income streams or to do things you love.

Where does your time go? Do you track your time? Share your ideas or tips to manage your time better.

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