10 life lessons for your 30s

I am well into my 30s now. If you are with me, I think its safe to say, you are now an adult. You are making grown up decisions for you and your family. So most likely there are others that are going to be directly affected by your actions. Welcome to the 30s my friend. It is scary but you are going to love it.

Most of these you would know by now, but you know we are all about listing things. So here goes-

  1. Health is the most important thing there is – 20s are all about money, career, and now you have them. Suddenly I find myself investing in gym memberships, health foods, coaches. Health is everything.
  2. Success is different for everyone – I have friend have changed careers, moved countries, made a million dollars, are raising a family. All happy and successful in their own right. Success is different for everyone.
  3. You are NOT set in your ways – It is this weird mindset that creeps in which says as you get older you become set in your ways and cant change. Well thats complete BS. We all know that we can always change no matter the age. Its called a growth mindset.
  4. Change is a good thing – On that note of growth mindset, change is the only constant in life. There are seasons, ups and downs. They are what helps us grow.
  5. Your job is a part of your life – You job is not your life. Its a part of your life. period.
  6. Instagram is not what real life looks like – Life is not all fancy restaurants, and perfectly staged and filtered photos. In real life, there is laundry, dishes, traffic, groceries, frustrations. This literally takes up most of the day. (But the puppy reels are the real deal).
  7. No time for toxic people – Over the years, I have realized that I actually have no time for negative people. They take up too much of my energy which i don’t have to spare.
  8. Nobody has it all figured out – We are all right there with you. Some days we know exactly what we are doing with our life and others we are having a breakdown. Its a balance.
  9. Travel – This is the time with high energy and patience, won’t come back. Take the time to travel and make memories. I would say this for every decade of your life. Take the time to have experiences that make memories.
  10. Invest in your future – Start saving and investing for your retirement. Now is the time to start.

Are there any more you would add to these? Any you would change?

Share your thoughts with me

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