Half-marathon Race day Routine

Just a little bit of context here, in case you didnt already know from my previous jibber-jabber, I am married and have a dog. We live in Australia. We’ve been running since 2012. We have run over 40 races each in the last ten years.

Training – We typically do about 4-5 races in the year. If you google half marathon training plans (some races even provide you one with your registration), you will be able to find a training plan that fits your general fitness levels. The earlier you start training is always better. I am pretty diligent with training. Even if I dont do all the runs in the week, I make sure my overall mileage every week adds up and trends upwards during training.

Training diet – I don’t generally focus too much on my diet. I am a vegetarian and overall a healthy eater. We eat out once a week and walk a lot. I dont eat much different during the training season.

Race day eve –

Carbo loading – We are totally a part of the famous carbo loading feast which is just eating some carb-rich food the night before. This could be Pasta, rice. We always eat some pasta the night before. This is accompanied with a lot of hydration on the day before.

Race event – Pick up bib and all the other fun stuff at the race event. Lay out the things that you need for the next day. Here is a list of things I make sure to keep ready –

  1. Running Bib
  2. Running clothes
  3. Socks and Shoes
  4. Charge fitness watch
  5. Charge running ear buds/head phones
  6. Download podcasts/music for the race
  7. Keep Gu/chews/gatorade ready
  8. Moisturiser to prevent chafing

Pro tip- Do not try anything new on race day, be it clothes or shoes, or even socks. Follow a routine and if possible set it up during your training.

Race day morning – Wake up at 5am. Let Jack out, have tea/coffee. I have now switched to teas in the morning. Nothing else to drink until at the race. Short walk with Jack.

Our start time was at 7.50am. So left home about 6.45am to allow enough time for parking.

Some warm up, A little stretchy stretch and start running.

In the first 4-5Ks you wil feel almost every little thing in your body. Knees hurt a little bit. a little twinge in my shins. We tend to push a lot harder at races than training. But as you fall into the rhythm of running, it gets so much easier. Keeping yourself distracted and enjoying the race and spectators help a lot.

Finish – This weekend I ran the canberra half marathon, I did it in 2hours 55 mins. It is far from my personal best. I am so proud of myself to have gotten out there and ran after almost a year.

Having loads of water and stretching always helps in quicker recovery.

Jay always says that anyone could run a marathon, but how quickly they recover is dependent on all the training you put in. And that’s the sign of fitness – how fast you can recover.

Some wise words there from my better half

I am very lucky to have a partner who is into running as well. We keep each other accountable during training and totally geek out at the Race day expos.

Why we do this – If you are a runner you know how frequently you get asked this question. We do it to keep us challenged. It brings a routine and system to our days and keeps us fit. Running is a habit I added in my 20s and it has changed me a lot. It is more of a mental game than a physical one.

Do you run? Share your thoughts with me.

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