planning 2021 - get started

Part 3 of 3 – Planning 2021 – Get started

There are dreamers and there are planners. Planners make their dreams come true.

Edwin Louis cole

Planning is absolutely my favorite part, as you can tell. The next favorite is doing. It is important to spend time planning, but let’s face it, a $200 planner and hours spent planning is not going to produce results. What gives results is actually doing the work.

Here are three steps to get started on achieving your biggest goals in 2021 –

1. Review 2020 – There are so many lessons that can be learnt from this past year. Gratitude comes right up to the top of the list. I am extremely grateful to live in a country where we have been safe, and supported. Grateful that my family and friends have been safe. Beginning of the new year is a great time to review and see what have you achieved this year. For me, this year, in February (before the pandemic hit) we had our trip to New zealand, I am still in awe that we could do that. We saved up and bought a house. We worked hard at our jobs and grew in our positions. Increased revenue in my handmade business. Ran one real and two virtual half marathons. Published 47 blog posts. And so much more.

2. Be agile – If there is anything we’ve learnt from 2020, it is that sometimes things doesn’t go as planned. A major takeaway would be to be agile, innovative, and adaptive, to be able to pivot and be ready for any surprises that may come our way.

3. Move forward – We get 365 days to make a positive impact in our life. Make this and every year count. Each day is a gift. Every day move the needle towards your goals. You are accountable to your futureself. When you look back to today, will you be proud of what you have accomplished in 2021? Answer that question every day and see the difference one year makes.

Every year brings its special set of challenges. Clarity of your goals is key. Writing them down and reviewing them regularly really keeps them on your mind and navigates the decisions you make.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year legends!! Lets crush our goals this new year!!

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