3 ways to stay motivated

We all feel ‘stuck’ sometimes. Each day blending into the next. Everything starts to feel dull and boring. The main thing behind this is feeling unmotivated.

  1. Keep your goal in sight – I would recommend having a vision board printed and in front of your eyes on your desk. It just reminds you about why you are doing this. Helps you push through times of less motivation. I also write my goals in my journal every morning.
  2. Go to the gym – When I feel down I go for a run, gym, or just move around in the house. It clears my mind and I get this endorphin rush soon after and motivates me to work towards my goals. I get my best ideas while running. I workout about 3 times a week and go for outdoor run once or twice a week. I found it game-changing to include workouts into my daily routines. Also, if we are not healthy, nothing else matters.
  3. Take a break – We have all been through a time when we felt burn out. Sometimes all I’ve needed is to distance myself from things and take a deep breath. May be a weekend away. It really boosts your energy, and new ideas.

Recently, we went for a two week vacation. It was so refreshing. and by the end of it we were rejuvenated and had brought back with us some changes we would like in our routines. It just gave us a new perspective about things we were just doing mindlessly.

Have you taken a break recently. How and why? share with me, here in the comments below or on instagram!!! I love to hear from you.

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