A review of 2021 and a plan for 2022

A review of 2021 and a plan for 2022

After a nice little break, I am back to crush my 2022 goals. I am not a resolution person but I do like to have a theme for the year.

Reflecting on 2021 –

2021 has been different, to put it mildly. We have experienced a roller coaster of emotions all in the one year.

  1. We’ve bought and moved into our new house. (we saved, and saved and then we conquered)
  2. Travelled to Tasmania
  3. Got a labrador puppy (He is the cutest)
  4. Survived a very short (grateful for how short it was) lockdown.
  5. Replaced all our furniture (they got chewed up by the above mentioned puppy)
  6. Explored Australian coast, i.e. Bermagui, North coast of Victoria.

This year has definitely come with a lot of challenges. Taking care of a puppy is no joke people. Those eyes are so innocent and cute but man do they pee everywhere.

Things have definitely changed a lot financially, as well. Starting to pay mortgage and not rent (how grownup of us) wasnt very different for us, but a new house comes with new furniture and new bills. Thankfully we had accounted for all of this when we bought the house, and knew exactly how much our costs were going to be, which helped a lot.

2022 –

This new year we look forward to a lot of things. While our financial goals are more geared towards saving and investing at this time. It is also going to be another year of experiences. We value our precious weekends to do more and more of the things we love. Every year we try to do more memorable things. Things like hiking, travelling, camping, and exploring. We will continue to do more if them.

Health Goals – We couldn’t do as much running in 2021 as we normally do (we did a half marathon in april and didn’t do many virtual races), but 2022 is time to get back to training and running with our first race in April 2022. We are also doing our Run the year 2022 (which is 2022 miles in 2022 – check out what I mean here – runtheedge.com – not an ad) We have been doing this since 2018 and this is the 5th consecutive year.

Personal Goals – This year’s theme is more self focussed, self care, doing more things for you, looking after yourself (whatever you want to call it). We tend to prioritize others over us all the time. This year I want to consciously look after myself. Taking care of my diet, health, skin. I am not super crazy about these things so I know I wont go overboard with this (like spend heaps on cosmetics, nails). but thats just me. This is more for my mental health than anything else.

Reading Goals – I do the 12 books in a year challenge on Goodreads every year. I will continue to do that this year as well. I read everything from thriller, romance, Harry potter for the 10th time, other fiction to personal development. This was a challenge to complete in 2021 so hopefully I will finish 12 books in 2022.

Financial Goals – With the move and a lot of things happening all at once I have had my handmade store (handmandovercoffee.com) on a self drive at the moment. It still made me the same side hustle income as last year which is great to know that it can still do that without as much social media and advertising. But this year I hope to spend more time on growing it a bit more. Our saving plan is strong as usual, from saving for a house deposit our goal has moved to saving for a new car and then to investment property.

2023 is when my 5 year plan ends. So I have two more years to accomplish those goals. It is a great feeling to check things off my vision board and time to think of making a new one. It’s amazing what we can do when we put our mind to it. The last couple of years being so different, I am so grateful for what I have and I know that life has its seasons. I know there is so much out there to experience. 2021 you were a great year and I am so enthused, I can’t wait another minute to start crushing my goals.

What are your goals for the year? Do any of these resonate with you?

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